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Wiktor Franko: “Lost on a cosmic trip”

Exhibition opening: Thursday, 7th November 2019, 7 pm – 10 pm

Duration: 8th November – 23rd December

Where: NO WÓDKA, Pappelallee 10, 10437 Berlin


Lost on a Cosmic Trip is a psychedelic trip on an American cruiser through the California wilderness, and straight into space. A journey which combines the hippie spirit with nature and mysticism. It’s like a fusion of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Lost on a Cosmic Trip is an exhibition which shows three series of photographs taken at the turn of the last decade. The first of the series is a project by Wiktor Franko which re-examines the motif of the “Space Woman”. The second one is a series of nature-related photographs, both organic and mystical at the same time. The third presents a darker vision of an American road movie.

All three of these series, the first being of a more-classic mould, the second teeming with naturalistic tones, and the third having an experimental, film-like feel, harmonise with one another perfectly, and seem like interweaving stories within the same plot. Despite differences and nuances in style and aesthetics, Lost on a Cosmic Trip is a consistent exhibition, on both the visual and thematic levels, which takes you deep into space — and into your inner self.


Wiktor Franko

Author of numerous publications and exhibitions. His works have been shown in many international photography and fashion magazines, such as Prism magazine (UK), Fashion World (Italy), Photo (Poland), Oppa! magazine (UK), Cleptafire (France), Boulevard Reykjavik (Iceland), Papercut Magazine (USA) and Prime (China).

He had plenty of exhibitions (collective and individual), his photos are sold in galleries in Poland, other countries in Europe and the United States.

Franko is the author of photographs promoting the Fashion Week Poland and the European competition for fashion designers. He also works with magazines – Characters and Art & Business. His photographies have been published on many music albums and book covers.

In 2018, Wiktor’s first book, containing photographs from the last ten years of his work, was published by the DIFA Foundation.

His photography work is both, classic black-and-white portraits and surreal conceptual work as well as fashion and lifestyle photo series. He is a lover of classic photographic techniques: polaroid, and analog.