We all need layovers - tiny, instant doses of comfort. Be it for a few minutes on a busy day or couple of hours on a lazy afternoon, we need some cozy and inviting place to shut our eyes for a second, take a nap or focus on an important call. Casual, accessible, yet pleasantly secluded. For those places, we've designed NAPKA - the daydreaming day bed. NAPKA is multifunctional - it will fit into a living room, cabinet, guest room or waiting room just as perfectly. Its construction, made of oak, steel and bent plywood, carries four comfy cushions, that you can arrange as it suits you. Remove the armrest, then put the headrest and you'll get a nice place to rest. Expecting company? NAPKA offers a great place to seat for several people. Once the guests are gone, all it takes is a couple of moves and you can lay down all you want. We were inspired by the classic day beds of the 70s. This is where NAPKA took from its unconventional shape - well-formed and balanced, yet carelessly unsymmetrical. Rich textures add depth and tension to the toned upholstery. We prefer NAPKA in graphite black, but if the grey-scale is not your style, you can pick either the red wine or indigo blue version. H: 76/92 | W: 120 | L: 56 cm H: 40/75 | W: 208 | L: 73 cm Day bed is reversible, so you can use it with the shelf on the left or right. MATERIALS & TECHNOLOGY: CONSTRUCTION: oak wood, birch plywood with oak veneer; elements cut numericaly, finished and oiled by hand UPHOLSTERY: wool METAL ELEMENTS: steel; numericaly cut, finished by hand and powder coated in graphite grey (RAL7015) Delivery time: 50 daysThe grandmother that was sitting and knitting in her rocking chair - a fascinating picture/memory from the past, which still radiates a lot of tranquility - until today. This memory was taken up in a modern way. The chair has a new shape, but the fascinating, calming movement and tranquility still remains. The handmade Yoko rocking chair combines a comfortable sitting experience with a timelessly modern shape as well as uncompromising material and manufacturing quality. The Yoko rocking chair reminds us of classic rocking chairs from the old times but invites you to relax in modern fashion. The solid oak frame contrasts beautifully with the high-quality and sturdy upholstery. At the back of the Yoko rocking chair there is a practical magazine pocket in which the current reading can be put in one easy movement. The handmade Yoko rocking chair combines comfortable sitting with a timelessly modern form and uncompromising material and manufacturing quality. The runners are made of solid oak in natural, white, dark brown or stained black color, and are covered with felt on the underside. The fabrics from the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and the German fabric manufacturer Rohi are particularly recommended for this furniture. The complete material and fabric sample can be ordered at: info@studio-ziben.de  Kvadrat offers the following patterns: Steelcut 2, Basel, Molly2, Steelcut Trio, Sunniva 2, Divina MD, Divina Melange 2, Divina 3, Tonus Meadow, Messenger 4, Tonus4, Harald 2, Vidar 2 and Rime.  The fabric manufacturer Rohi offers the following patterns: credo, topia, novum, sera and solo. An overview of the fabrics is available at: www.rohi.com and www.kvadrat.de. Delivery time: 8-12 weeksThe discreet, almost mathematically described form and clear functionality match the homogeneous material and provide a modern and timeless ambiance in every living room. Based on the basic idea of the Bauhaus movement, the Studio Ziben Henry Sideboard captivates with clear forms and high functionality. Precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials create a timeless and modern sideboard. Bauhaus father figure Henry van de Welde gave his name to this beautiful piece of furniture with its numerous storage possibilities. A drawer, a compartment with a flap and a large compartment with doors and an intermediate shelf offer space for a variety of objects. There is a notch on the back of the sideboard for cables to pass through. The sideboard can therefore also be used as TV or hi-fi furniture. Thanks to the recessed door handles, the technical devices can even be operated when the door is closed. The Studio Ziben Henry Sideboard fits perfectly in the study, bedroom or corridor. Size: H 570 mm, W 1200 mm, D 440 (400) mm; Drawer: H 115 mm, W 400 mm; Flap: H 250 mm; Cabinet inside: H (intermediate shelf) 200 mm, W 760 mm; Material: black MDF board with matt varnish, MDF board in matt or high-gloss varnish - optional. To get more information write us an email: info@nowodka.com Delivery time: up to 8 weeksDer visuelle Effekt flatternder Kolibriflügel wurde zu Ansporn und Grundidee für das M.belstück und findet seinen Ausdruck in der Lamellenstruktur der Rückwand. Seine kompakte Form und praktische Größe machen das Regal vielseitig einsetzbar ,ob in Küche, Bad, Flur oder Wohnbereich. Durch die aufwendig gearbeitete Rückwand kann Picaflor zudem auch als Raumtrenner genutzt werden. H 1330 mm, B 1000 mm, T 310 mm Esche Massiv, geölt. Lieferzeit: 8 WochenEine alte Schulbank war die Inspiration für diesen zeitlos eleganten Schreibtisch. Die einfache, klare Form kontrastiert durch ihre dezente Ursprünglichkeit mit der modernen Funktionalität des Möbels. Durch praktische Details wie zum Beispiel die Kabelöffnung ist der work desk ein perfekter Laptopschreibtisch oder kleiner Sekretär. H 895 mm (770 mm Platte), B 1000 mm, T 495 mm Eiche Massiv, geölt, MDF Platte hochglanzlackiert, weiß. Lieferzeit: 4-6 Wochen